Thursday, December 1, 2022

Robin Redbreast (Holly & Ivy Mix) By Chrissie Sheppard


Robin Redbreast (Holly & Ivy Mix)


Chrissie Sheppard

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Chrissie Sheppard is fast becoming more than just another flute player; her latest single has a decided seasonal feel to it, and is almost a parody of the original. Robin Redbreast (Holly & Ivy Mix) is actually one of the cleverest pieces that the artist has thus far manifested, the slow but careful build and progression here, is one to really take notice of.

Chrissie also creates firsts for herself on this new offering as well, it contains her vocals, and also some very light, but truly excellent and rhythmic percussion, this added to the natural sounds of an actual robin, and the blissfully happy presentation on flute, make it for me to be one of the best, and without doubt, one of the most original winter songs released so far this year, this just has to be a huge hit for the musician.

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