Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Glory Nostalgia By Claude Caron


Glory Nostalgia


Claude Caron

Written by

Steve Sheppard


A proud and regal composition can be found on this brand new single entitled Glory Nostalgia by Claude Caron, the energy of this grand opus of magic flows from the keys of the artist with great polish. The song itself is a fine lesson in compositional build and progression, and contains a fluent and colourful theatrical passionate repose.

The gentle drift back and then push forward within this new single was deeply enthralling and extremely enthusiastic in its textures, it was also very nice to be taken on a piano journey of some six minutes plus, compared to the fleeting and somewhat lacking two minutes or less that I am used to hearing. There can be no doubt that Claude Caron has style, panache and a sensitive skillset that has created this totally splendid new single in Glory Nostalgia, and as listeners, we should be grateful for the colourful and enchanting sojourn it has provided.


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