Saturday, April 2, 2022

Tomorrow's Gonna Rain By Ban Brothers


Tomorrow's Gonna Rain


Ban Brothers

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The latest single from Ban Brothers is an incredible journey through a multitude of influences and energies. Rocky on lead vocals brings back heady days of bands like Crowded House or Mike And The Mechanics and its pop-rock style is as infectious now as it was back then, on this new single Tomorrow's Gonna Rain.

There is also a driving essence within this new song that is utterly infectious, with a musical menu that is wide and vast, with a hint of The Moody Blues and a slight touch from time to time of a Beatles influence deep within the weave too.

Fans of good classic pop-rock will eat this piece up with a desire so eager. It’s musicianship from guitar licks, symphonic string segments and imploring and passionate vocals, means there can be only two words that will follow the following title from Ban Brothers release Tomorrow’s Gonna Rain, huge hit!