Monday, April 25, 2022

Slow By Christophe Goze




Christophe Goze

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I believe that music in these days of craziness is more important than it ever was before, this panacea that comes from chords, notes and vocals, is the supreme healer, and the only real truth in our tattered world. This new album by Christophe Goze entitled Slow is with ease one of the fore runners and flag bearers of a new era of music, one that speaks directly from the heart of the artist to yours, with a passion so delicate, yet so heartfelt and honest.

This fourteen track release is some of the most beautifully created music I have heard this year. I must hold the opening piece up as a fine example of that excellence, it is called Dreams & Promises (with Cathy Battistessa), the slow tempo, the relaxing but emotive mood is so well received and enjoyed.

We shall hear more from Cathy Battistessa later on in the album, but for now I wish to bathe in the brilliance that is Take Me Home ft Odis Palmer, this is a song that reminded me in part of Andrew Lloyd Webbers Music Of The Night at its inception, and then perhaps into a classic Neil Diamond creation later on, needless to say here is a ballad that is sublime in its compositional structure, and those sometimes raspy vocals added a whole new texture and layer into the production.

There are many tracks that flow like liquid silk into the heart of my ever eager ears; one that also resonated with me was the chilled but memorable and reflective Little Boy Revisited (Remaster), then the moment for a glance across the room to a beautiful partner, a hint at a romantic dance can be on the cards through the piece So Beautiful (Revisited), literally there is so much to enjoy and find here, indeed the phrase, “something for everyone” is never more true than with this album.

The guitars of Goze, and his added multi-instrumental genius is well received here, on tracks like the smooth and charming narratives of Love and Ce Que Tu Veux, which if my French is still with me, means Whatever you Want, are but two sublime examples of that aforementioned statement.

Finally let’s give praise for the vocals of the amazing Cathy Battistesssa who ends this honestly stunning release with Hero the extended version, here is a lady that can not only sing, but feels each note with such a wonderfully sensitive artistic tenderness.

Slow by Christophe Goze is a perfect album for the long summer days ahead, it shall be a main stay on my poolside playlist. Goze is a crafted artist, his skill sets, whether it be writing and arranging, producing or playing, are simply top notch, and Slow is a release that is both reflective and chilled, and an incredibly easy to listen to album, one that every good music lover should eat up with utter ease, and be grateful to have in their collections.

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