Friday, September 18, 2020

Sands of Time By Kerani


Sands of Time



Written by

Steve Sheppard


Kerani is a woman on a mission to bring to you some of the most amazing neo-classical contemporary instrumental music her muse can bring, and once more she, who I like to call the female Vangelis, has succeeded.  Sands of Time explores a wonderful and wide musical narrative from early Greek philosophy, with the title track Sands of Time, an outstanding opus, to the lessons of letting go through the track Shores of Gold, a beautiful composition bathed in a colourful and sensual tone.

Following on from her last release Small Treasures, Kerani moves another step up the ladder with this quite breath taking new offering, at times utterly transcendent and always peppered with moments of cinematic bliss, this is an album of pure unadulterated quality, with tracks like the passionate Echoes of the Past and the blissful opus of The Touch of Love, these are but two pieces that will touch the very inner soul of the listener.

Kerani is becoming well known globally for manifesting lush and full flowing neo-classically styled opuses that melt the heart, and one can find this on compositions like Moments of Beauty, the arrangement and orchestration here is magnificent, as are the vocalisations, and of course my personal favourite the Road To Wisdom, a path I personally have been on for eons; the depth and textured brilliance here is beyond remarkable.

Sands of Time by Kerani in my view is her best work to date, the build and progression; depth and quality, and cinematic nuances are simply stunning, here lies an album of natural outstanding beauty, one created by a woman who is clearly in touch with her musical muse, and has honed all her skills to bring us a release like Sands of Time. This is one of those albums I would insist that you have in your musical collection post haste; it will resonate within you for decades, and bring you a sense of complete musical satisfaction at its conclusion.

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