Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Naked Fire EP By Peter Phippen & Joshua Daby


Naked Fire EP


Peter Phippen & Joshua Daby

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Naked Fire the latest EP by Grammy nominated Peter Phippen is a real family affair as son Joshua Daby performs some of the finest percussion your likely to hear upon it.

This is one truly vibrant offering, with both father and son in perfect sync, the flow of Daby and his rhythmic fluency is a thing of beauty indeed, whilst Phippen is his consummate brilliant self on flute; a performance filled with light and a burning positivity can be found on this composition.

The second and final piece is entitled Smoldering Ambers, and here we have the very apex of the meaning to the statement, “It does what it says on the can”. This is slow and sultry, and it has to be said, a smouldering delight of an arrangement, it is enticing and beautifully tantalising in its production and final outcome.

This latest ep Naked Fire by Peter Phippen and Joshua Daby is crafted but delicious in its organic nature, pure reality and real music floods from the speakers, in a rhythmically pulsating heartbeat of tone, in this duo of wonderfully classy compositions by the artists. 

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