Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dreams Come True By KeithTim Anderson


Dreams Come True


KeithTim Anderson

Written by

Steve Sheppard


You know it’s strange; music is a true panacea to cure all ills, no matter what’s wrong, there will be something out there that will heal you with its tone and compositional structures, and make you feel better. This new album by KeithTim Anderson has that very energy about it, it’s truly blissful to listen to what seems to be a veritable scrapbook of musical memories and positivity’s.

The opening piece is a lush and colourful musical narrative that can proudly boast the fact that it is the title track, Dreams Come True. Anderson has nailed it with this sparkling opus, the melody here is so moving and deeply reflective, and has added to this creation that little edge of beauty that we all seek.

Evermore is included on this compilation of great tunes, this was released early on in 2020 as a single and did pretty well in the charts, the melody again is key to its success, the performance is almost dream like, but one that finds a warm place in your heart, and never lets go.

There was something quite emotive about Beyond the Darkness that hooked me into its narrative. The slow and careful presentation on piano was beautifully arranged and performed, and at times, made me think that it had a certain cinematic flavour to its essence.

Listening to Dreams Come True is akin to sitting by a warm fire in winter cuddled up under a blanket; this piece entitled Once Upon a Daydream is a fine example of that statement. The gentleness of style here is heart-warming and friendly in its approach; this was one of many I would literally fall in love with from this album.

At the half way marker we find an endearing opus entitled The Door, a great title, as it leaves a question as to where the path goes once the door is opened, or if it remains shut what is actually behind it. For me the composition truly made my comments comes into reality, whilst mostly light in context, there was a slight element of suspense and mystery to this piece that I adored.

Yet Joyful is one of those tracks that is like pulling back the curtains on a summer’s day and watching the beams of light flood in and fill the room. This is an outstanding composition of great purpose, positivity and poise; this is one track that is impossible not to love.

The theme of a warming narrative continues with this next offering called Where Love Is. A slight melodic touch of reflection can be felt here, this adds such a wonderful flavour to the piece, a texture that creates a wonderful sense of ambience to the proceedings can be found here as well.

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is the lullaby of the album; the careful and almost childlike arrangement is both loving and heartfelt, and would soothe most people let alone children, into a soft and carefree slumber.

Now I wonder, anyone for a waltz? Let’s hold hands and move to the arrangement entitled And We Dance. The movement and fun that can be found within this piece is cheer filled and radiant in its happy approach.  This is one of those tracks that would bring a smile to anyone’s face, and that is indeed much needed these days.

Amazingly we are at the last doorway to the album, and as we approach this threshold we are gifted this last track called, There Is a Tree. This final offering has a charming sense of completion about its construction and is the perfect ending piece; without doubt a beautifully natural composition to end with, one that also contains a wonderfully flowing sense of ambience within its structure too.

Dreams Come True by KeithTim Anderson is one of the warmest and cheerfully positive albums to have fallen on my desk in a long while; it certainly would get my vote for being the nicest.

Dreams Come True by KeithTim Anderson is an album that you will reach for when you need to take some time away from your life and the stresses and strains of it, and also in my view, his best work so far.

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