Friday, September 18, 2020

Notturna By Raighes Factory




Raighes Factory

Written by

Steve Sheppard


If ever an album could be described as peaceful piano, this is it, this collection of fine piano compositions is one of the most beautiful I have heard for quite a few years. A stunning 25 tracks adorn this collection, and each and every one of them is a total winner.

Raighes Factory has many people working within its concept; let’s start by mentioning Dario Crisman, who opens the album with a melodic composition of lush classical motifs entitled La notte ci divise. Dario also gives us the penultimate offering entitled Scivolando nel buio, a delightfully slow and tranquil piece, which at times reminds me in style of the late David Sun.

One of my personal favourites off this mammoth album was this one, entitled I tuoi occhi sotto la luna. The gentleness here is profound, and took me back to childhood refrains from days of old, in a stunning performance by Alessio Zucca.

This is one of those albums that you will find yourself leaving on repeat for hours, it is so easy to listen to and allow the movement of the passages to just float around you; examples of such beautiful fluency can be found on La notte di lampi e tuoni, by Andrea Carri, Chiar di Luna by On Piano and Clepsydra by the creative Carlo Corazza.

The balance and energy that comes from this release is utterly blissful, creating such a mood seems easy for ThePianoPlayer, who gifts us Sogni d'oro and towards the end of the album, the colourful and crafted Sonnambula.

My personal favourite though was this one entitled Toccami, the tempo and the narrative of minor and major was utterly addictive to listen to; there was a wonderful flow to the performance by Luis Berra that simply won my heart over.

The moods within Notturna are many and cater for all tastes, a little reflective heart from Michele Nobler with Un Mare di Stelle, and a light and repeating motif to raise the energies from Ebe De Antonio with Brina, and an almost Debussy moment with Manuel Zito as he gifts us Notturno 69.

There can be no doubt that this super collective of pianists have brought us something dear and close to our musical hearts, another classy personal favourite for me was Aspettando Neowise by Claus Egan, a song that would transcribe to a movie with great ease.

The sensuality of the performances here is also part of this wondrous journey; listen to Crepuscolo by KeyPiKo, or the sublime delicacy of Voce di Luna by Maya Sand then add to that list of crafted emotive offerings, Ombre di Luce by Collettivo Armonico, all beautiful, sensitive and romantic.

As we move ever onward into the deeper reaches of the release we come across a composition that literally sparkles across our musical night sky, and called Fiore Notturno by Lorenzo Tempesti, a piece coloured wonderfully by its artistic endeavours.

The aforementioned Michele Nobler finishes off the album with her composition entitled Soli nella notte. This is a very classy and well performed last track that rounds off this vast album splendidly and with such style as well.

Notturna by Raighes Factory and the artists that are contained within the hallowed halls of this peace filled oasis of piano certainly deserve a standing ovation for manifesting one of the most serene and calming piano albums I think I have ever heard, it may be an old cliché, but there is truly something for everyone here.

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