Monday, August 10, 2020

Beyond the Sunrise By Carl Borden


Beyond the Sunrise


Carl Borden

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is always time for a little Carl Borden in your life, the textured pads and the soft synths of this master musician are the sublime tools that the artist uses to create such redolent compositions, and here on his latest offering entitled Beyond the Sunrise we have a veritable wonderland of classy arrangements to ease you through the stresses and strains of the day.

This album is perfect for the now, and Beyond the Sunrise represents for me opportunities for change, and perhaps a chance to begin again. Listen to the clarity of the opening piece At First Light, a track so empowering it lifts the soul and kisses the heart.

The deep resonance of the title track is truly something to marvel at, Beyond the Sunrise is a tapestry of ambient electronic genius that radiates energy so pure and beautiful with its stunning performance and presentation.

Here is an album that is restorative and soothing; you only have to listen to moments of ambient genius like the galactic Drifting Stars, or the emotive qualities of pieces like Jamila's Song, or perhaps the pristine textures of the penultimate offering off the album entitled The Road Home, a more serene composition you are unlikely to find.

Beyond the Sunrise is another faultless release in the catalogue of artist Carl Borden; it is an album that is cathartic and therapeutic, a release that touches the emotions and hugs the heart, and a must buy for all those that adore to be truly moved by the music they listen to.

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