Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Forest Whispers By Dyan Garris ft Sherry Finzer


Forest Whispers


Dyan Garris ft Sherry Finzer

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I am always on the lookout for amazing slices of ambient music and I can honestly say I am eternally grateful to have found Forest Whispers, the latest single by Dyan Garris, and featuring the amazingly talented Sherry Finzer.

Dyan Garris and this marvellous melodic construct is utterly natural and multi-instrumental in nature, whether it piano or keyboards, her talents as a creator of tranquil ambient music are so beautifully created, and when you add one of the best flautists on the planet in Finzer into the mix, you have a single that will remain in your musical mind for a life time and beyond.

Forest Whispers by Dyan Garris ft Sherry Finzer has to be tipped for a top 5 place at least in the charts and for those of you like me, listeners that like to find incredible meditative music to be at peace with, then Forest Whispers has to be added to your music library as soon as possible, if not quicker.

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  1. You're so right, Sherry's flute here is superb!! It was so fun to do this song with her. Thank you for this outstanding review!!!! ~Dyan