Friday, August 28, 2020

Gratitude By The Haiku Project




The Haiku Project

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Each day I take a breath I am grateful for all that I have, and all the lessons learned and for the life I lead. Gratitude and being grateful is a huge part of my life, as it seems to also be to The Haiku Project aka Henrik Hytteballe as well, whose latest album is now before us in all its glory and entitled Gratitude.

Hytteballe formed Haiku back in 2006 and with each and every album, perfection is the master stroke that has gone into creating some of the finest contemporary instrumental music of the current age.

This new offering is a continuance of that sublime quality of production and musical genius, just listen to Before Sunrise and you will find its refrains so redolent of the subject matter.

New age music rises a whole new rung of the ladder with this album, and the track Rivendell is one that will lift the soul of the listener to new heights, its careful fluency and delicacy of production is a thing to really enjoy, especially the electric guitar segments which seamlessly gives it a mix of light rock and ambient pleasures.

This ten track album is over flowing with utter beauty and masterful creations, an example of this, is the clever and exciting offering entitled Hummingbirds, one that seems to increase in pace and then slightly falls back to become a crafted percussive moment of quality.

The ending composition just had to be the title track Gratitude, the piano mixed with the almost ethereal backdrop of sound is the perfect anthem styled opus with which to leave a truly beautiful and well performed collection of wonderfully calming compositions.

Gratitude by The Haiku Project is another masterpiece of music to hang in the ever growing gallery of musical art for the artist. Hytteballe is a man who clearly knows his genre well, and relishes creating each and every brushstroke of tone for the listener to enjoy and get the most out of, and as I end this review I now finish by hanging a tag on the release, one that says, this is an absolute must buy at all costs, contemporary instrumental music really doesn’t come any better than this.

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