Monday, August 24, 2020

16670 By Matthew Mayer




Matthew Mayer

Written by

Steve Sheppard


These times in which we live are emotionally powerful ones, change spreads across the face of our world and one must embrace this or fall. Back in the Second World War change brought with it an evil that I hope we never see the like of again, and it is from this time frame, and prisoner 16670 in one Rajmund Maximilian Kolbe, that we have our musical story, one that will without doubt move you to the very core of your existence.

The story of this man’s heroics I would like for you to read about by purchasing the album, but the deed done was far greater in love and generosity that anyone you could wish to name in history and there are few who could make that decision.

Matthew Mayer has produced a heartfelt plea at a time when some global governments are backsliding into the realms of hatred and vilification themselves, we have to be the change that matters, and for be the good that shines brightly for all to see.

Mayer’s narrative is sublime and deeply moving with the extremely powerful opening start on the title track 16670, and then one of my favourite compositions Simple Humanity, its tone and timbre are so reflective and mournful, but one that speaks a million words with each note played.

Matthew Mayer has been long regarded as one of the most sensitive performers of his day, and here on 16670 he utterly excels, listen to pieces like Visions (Dreams 8) a track that literally moved me to tears.

The ambience of Block 11 is only emphasised in its disposition by the sadness and mood that the mind perceives through the song. I say to you, a more powerful album you will not hear, and of course the ending had to be about our hero Kid Rajmund, the delicacy of performance is noteworthy and salutes the sensitivity of the pianist. Mayer also brings the concept to close here, with a little slither of hope in the well of darkness within this final composition.

16670 by Matthew Mayer is the most moving album I have heard this year with ease, the entire album has been researched, created and performed with an open and honest heart, and one of the best performances of this style for literally ages, it is an album that will take you on a journey and allow you a moment to live in the shoes of one far less fortunate, it is a story that should never been forgotten, and by purchasing this release you will have your very own poignant musical reminder that generosity of heart, through unconditional love, is something open to all of us at any time; 16670 by Matthew Mayer starts this beautiful ball rolling once again.

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