Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Appletree By Claus Jahn

The Appletree
Claus Jahn
Written by
Steve Sheppard

It was good to see this album land on my desk for review this morning, as I thoroughly enjoyed Jahn’s last work with Pat Pik on Some Oxygen Needed. The Appletree is the title of this 15 track album of electronic greats, a reworked album that was many years in the making and mastered by Frank Tischer.

With the brightest start possible Jahn lights the way with the opening offering and title track The Appletree, it takes us on a swirling moment of electronic genius that will set the scene for the entire album. I would drift in the Autumn Winds, a piece so mournful and reflective, and then glide on the ice cold synths of Snow Shower.

The production quality and performances on this album are absolutely divine, at times one feels right there within nature with the music; a fine example of this would be my favourite composition entitled Flowers in the Sunshine. An almost mystical energy can be found here, but one that turns into a mental view of the subject matter quickly as the mists of a morning sunrise fade, utter genius unfolds here.

This album is literally packed with classy electronic and smoothly played synth tracks that will thoroughly delight you, why not listen to Night Winds another favourite of mine, Jahn’s style here almost reminiscent of the late but great Isao Tomita, or enjoy the lush tapestry of Aurea Borealis, a night time, multi-coloured and textured offering that is simply beautiful.

The Appletree by Claus Jahn is an album that contains a lush vibrancy about its construction, one so well performed and produced, that even if you have never experienced this style of music before, you will be very glad that you did. The Appletree by Claus Jahn is a veritable art gallery of classic electronic music, each composition carefully constructed and presented and an album that just has to be whole heartedly recommended by myself.

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