Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Anthem for a Better World by Annie Locke

Anthem for a Better World
Annie Locke
Written by
Steve Sheppard

I applaud musicians for creating compositions like this, especially at a time on our planet like we’re enduring now; divisions are rife, fear and egos rage, but this song has one thing that will save the world, hope!

Locke has manifested a proud, a strong and an all-encompassing opus of piano based peace and reconciliation for us to enjoy, her radiance shines through like never before in this sparkling arrangement.

We all desperately need an Anthem for a Better World, in fact perhaps in this electronic universe we now live in, Annie should create the hashtag, #Anthem for a Better World, as this composition is certainly something that should go utterly viral, a very classy piece indeed.

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