Wednesday, March 4, 2020

From the Beginning by Joey Curtin

From the Beginning
Joey Curtin
Written by
Steve Sheppard

Life holds few surprises for me, who could have imagined back in 1972, that 48 years later, I would be writing a single review for From the Beginning originally from the Trilogy album, by one of my favourite all time bands, Emerson Lake and Palmer, now revisited and released as a single by pianist Joey Curtin.
Curtin, it has to be said, has done the track proud and in my personal view has added an extra layer of ambience into the composition. This is even more bizarre for me as I also sing this piece, and in the style of the late but great Greg Lake, I can hear the words in my head now. So far I am up to my third play and I can see it won’t stop there.
Joey Curtin, congratulations this is indeed a magnificent version of a truly beautiful song, or as Greg would sing “You see, it’s all clear, You were meant to be here, From the beginning”.

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