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Unseen Patterns Of Light By Anantakara


Unseen Patterns Of Light



Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have to admit from the off that I am a bit of a fan of Anantakara, here is an electronic musician that always seems to knock it out of the park musically for me, and also in my view, I truly believe his releases have just got better and better as the years have rolled on. With his new album Unseen Patterns Of Light I was certainly to be proved right, this is an astonishingly brilliant album indeed.

Hidden Frequencies begins our voyage through the tones and vibrations of a simply breath taking EM styled release, but Anantakara goes further on this new album, as he does so on this opening offering, gifting us the listener a smooth yet ever onward journey of sight and sound to enjoy, a mixture of electronic mastery, mixed with subtitles of a delicate ambient to enjoy.

This is also a 9 track album of great quality, one that I urge you to try out, and contained within are gems like Echoes of the Cosmic Canopy, its mysterious opening foray seems to hover constantly around you, whilst pieces like Solar Winds Impulses are a horse of a totally different colour, mixing a little neo-classical nuanced tone into a bath of ambient electronics.

The longest creation from the album is the stunning Brighter Earths And Wider Heavens, a composition that seems to herald in a new era for the musician, a tapestry of musical colours and vibrational structures flow here in an ever impressive style, and with the overall time span allotted for this piece at well over 12 minutes this for me was heavenly and also reminding me at times of Germany’s own Al Gromer Khan.

I have constantly been impressed with the willingness of the artist to explore further, farther and deeper within his own music, and this for me was brought right to the fore with my personal favourite track, and the penultimate offering from the album called A Subtle Link Of Union. Here he takes rhythm, ambience and the tonal quivering delights of electronic genius to manifest something totally addictive.

This delicious menu of instrumental mastery is topped off with the final manifestation entitled Dare To Love Again, a fine concluding offering with an excellent and vast keyboard presentation.

This has to be said is the artist best work so far, I know that could be a somewhat clich├ęd or hackneyed writers comment, but I believe it to be true, Unseen Patterns Of Light by Anantakara is with doubt the artists most forward thinking work thus far, by far his most descriptive, and most certainly his most creative, this album is a musical modern art gallery of tone and timbre, and simply anyone who likes their music with a penchant for electronic and ambience combined, must avail themselves a copy of Unseen Patterns Of Light at all costs, it is superb.

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