Friday, June 21, 2024

Evening On The Esplanade By Orchestra Indigo


Evening On The Esplanade


Orchestra Indigo

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Rick Randlett has to be one of the most expressive instrumentalists around, his textures and colours blend a beautiful array of glances both reflective and grateful, and here on this brand new single called Evening on the Esplanade he has done just that and perhaps even more, in one of the most stunning contemporary compositions of the day.

When I listen to this incredible new offering I am taken back to the time of the pandemic, when simple luxuries like spending an evening with anyone anywhere was impossible, so in a way this new creation is like a celebration of survival, one of gratitude to be able to spend a pleasurable moment on the Esplanade with friends once more, with many a story to be told and many a glass of wine to be enjoyed.

Evening on the Esplanade also has that classical element within its construction as well, one that reminds me of perhaps a Pachelbel’s canon in mood, but regardless this is a beautifully fluent and charming reverie to take into those long hot summer nights ahead.

Randlett as Orchestra Indigo has built an emotional composition of pristine quality here, one that whilst we listen, we can appreciate the narrative of both the orchestration and the steady ever onward keyboard, this is not just a good single, this is a master class on how to create a tempered, but heart felt and honest instrumental offering, and the artist should be applauded for his efforts. I simply cannot wait to see what this stunner is going to do on the charts.

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