Monday, June 24, 2024

Embrace By Shere Fraser & Juliano




Shere Fraser & Juliano

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Great beauty can be found in the saddest of compositions and this brand new offering from the combination of Shere Fraser & Juliano manifests something utterly transcendent and deeply moving as it goes. The well of reflection is felt with a stunning clarity in this brand new single called Embrace.

We have known of the sublime textures that flute performer Shere Fraser manifests, her music has been with us for a while now and each tapestry of tone are both thoughtful and intelligent, now she adds to her musical arsenal the imploring vibrations of a piano played so sensitively by Juliano.

The symbiotic partnership today brings to the fore a piece so meaningful and heartfelt; Juliano’s piano is the backdrop of sound that allows us the movement within this delicate creation and of course Frasers flute the master narrator that takes on the short journey of peaceful beauty and moving poignancy, in the same way that Maurice Ravel did with his piece Pavane for a Dead Princess.

One can really appreciate this new single from the duo with ease, in fact I had listened to it some five times before writing about it, I found its slow tempo and tender tones filled my heart with a touching affection, one that would lead me to feel inspired in the most respectful of ways, this new single must be the most emotional single released this year without a doubt.

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