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Lost there Found here By Masako


Lost there Found here



Written by

Steve Sheppard


I have long loved the sublime gentle sounds of a Masako piano, it most certainly is feel good music, and today we have a real treat as we get to walk the realms of tranquillity with the artist, within her latest release called Lost there Found here.

The soft pastiche of a title called Spirit Forest gets our musical voyage underway, as Masako’s love for nature once more comes to the fore with this piece; this is a mystical slice of solo piano that is breath taking and serenely charming.

Masako’s album like others that have gone before, is produced by non-other than the legend that is Will Ackerman and you can hear his gentle guitar, along with Vin Downes on the track Walk Together. This is as chilled as a Sunday morning reverie in June, and bubbling full of bliss.

This 12 track collection of perfection has some beautiful moments contained within, one of them for me was Brooks and Cascades, Masako’s piano could easily be the ever moving stream, whilst the string sections of both Charlie Bisharat and Eugene Friesen added so much texture to the proceedings and gave us the ever eager listener a beautiful juxtaposition of tone to enjoy.

There are some equally impressive reflective moments as well, one of them for me personally was Mid-Hudson, this was a beautifully crafted presentation from the pianist, one that I enjoyed immensely, and those minor touches added a lush colour into the tapestry of the song, bringing further touches of grandeur was the accomplished percussion of Jeff Haynes.

The album is concluded with the track Into the Dusk, this is the end of our journey this time around and this final piece is such a textured and picturesque composition, that it leaves one with the energy of feeling fully satisfied by the journey hence taken.

Masako must be one of the genres finest painters of tonal sound, she pulls from the piano layer upon layer tranquil lush soundscapes, and manufactures some of the best musical portraits that could possibly be conceived, one must say that Lost there Found Here by Masako is one of her most comprehensive albums, she pinpoints such a tender refrain, and brings into the world a galaxy of the genres stars to aid her in her quest This is an album of natural outstanding beauty with ease. 

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