Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Song of the Last Tree By CG Deuter


Song of the Last Tree


CG Deuter

Written by

Steve Sheppard


I cannot fully express the effect the music of C.G Deuter has had in my lifetime, his albums have been a constant musical partner through good times and bad, happy and sad, with releases like Buddha Nature and Reiki Hands of Light, which were simply and honestly life changing moments I will never forget, so a lot of emotion is invested in the work of a man who I would personally call a musical genius.

Here and now sees the dawning of a new release entitled Song Of the Last Tree, this for me is a continuation of the tone and mood that has spanned the decades, and an album that celebrates the life of his mother who has now passed, I celebrate 3 years nearly to the day since my mother departed too, so another connection, tracks like the title header fill my heart with peace. Song of the Last Tree has an ethereal quality about its construction that is undeniably beautiful, and haunting at the same time.

This is a six track album of pure quality and the multi-instrumental magic of Deuter works its art with sublime aplomb. River Timeless was one of my favourites, and one that brought back many happy memories of days past with my parents, both of them also C.G. Deuter fans too. The keyboards, the soft synths and just simply the cadence of this track were such a cathartic journey to take of sublime soothing music.

The artist has a skill set that allows his muse to manifest into reality some of the most heartfelt pieces that can be gifted to humanity, a wonderful example of that is the delicious long form composition Garden in the Clouds, here is a piece that hovers with a simple non aggressive intensity, and floats around us with the loving embrace of a mothers warmth and tenderness, the soft and caring tones of this arrangement were deeply moving.

The album is concluded with an offering entitled Sea of Tranquillity, a vast reaching song that touches the mood of the moment, and that moment is magical and calming, utterly the best way ever to leave the album.

Song of the Last Tree by CG Deuter has been a wonderful musical sojourn for me, a journey that has restored my faith in new age music, and taken me to levels of tranquillity and meditative peace that I haven’t felt for far too long. Song of the Last Tree by CG Deuter is an album that any serious music aficionado must have in their collections and playlists, each journey you take with this album will not be your last, a simply blissful and idyllic experience indeed.

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