Monday, December 6, 2021

Colors By Stephen Wallack




Stephen Wallack

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The piano of Stephen Wallack plays for us once more as we drift to the end of another eventful year, and it is from this textured solo piano performance we draw some much needed musical solace to help us through to the New Year. The title for this new creation is Colors, and it is a wonderful sojourn of restful piano to swim within.

Wallacks latest creation of 10 tracks is a wonderful journey of solo piano, starting with the opening foray entitled Birch Lake, I adored this piece, Wallack’s memory palace was on full view here; the peace and contentment I found at the lakeside was vast, tangible and enjoyable, it was also nice to see the artist express himself in a longer form opus on piano, one of over seven minutes long, trust me that’s very rare in the genre.

One may assume that the following piece could be a composition of dedication and called Josh. Wallack’s performance here was as warm as the midday sun, and his composition felt effortless, one that seemed to drift into the waters of reflection with consummate ease.

Each composition on this album is wonderfully crafted; one of my personal favourites is in fact the title track called of course Colors. Once more the fluency is there, but main melody and narrative seemed to coalesce in a permanent tapestry of tone and texture; this for me was an arrangement that was utterly idyllic and very listenable.

The high notes of Stunning left me standing in the land of expectation, and I wasn’t to be disappointed by the eventual outcome, chords and depth were soon added, and an almost anthem like offering seemed to flow into my headphones, this has to be one of the most considered and carefully performed tracks on the album, and certainly one to enjoy many times over.

The half way juncture is reached by the arrangement Brave, it is a perfect midway piece, it has a pause built within that allows the listener to enjoy the composition fully, but also to be able to breathe, and take in all they have heard thus far, the slight dramatic energy here, and the pull back to calmer waters made this a truly sublime offering for me.

We all have them, some good, some bad, some bizarre, Dreams is a piece that gracefully hovers from one corner of your musical mind-set to another, almost like it is calling out to you at times. Wallack’s sensitive performance here is truly something to listen intently to, as I am sure like me, you will find more of those wonderful little nuances each time you do, which will enhance your musical experience further the next time.

We now swim within the deeper waters of the release, and as we do so we come across an exciting arrangement called Earth, this is one of the most fascinating tracks off this very classy album, here we have a piece that manifests drama, intensity and power, a sense of mystery, and has an energy that is simply undeniable, in what is a stunning performance by the artist, with a truly fascinating conclusion.

Hope is a classic new age piano opus that drifts into a traditional melody that has a blissful sense of potential about its colourful construction. Wallack employs a sublime fluency to his performances here, and on this piece that can be felt beautifully in a track that does what it says on the can, raises the hopes in us all.

The penultimate offering is possibly another dedicational track and if so Marlon would be blessed with what has to be one of the most sensitive tracks off the album, it also has one of those melodies that is so very easy to remember, and a creation that is layered on a bed of reflective roses.

The final manifestation on this album goes to the piece entitled Midnight, this would be another personal favourite of mine, there was a depth here that was almost addictive in its content and performance, and a narrative that was utterly compelling at all times, of course and without doubt a crafted and clever way to leave the album.

Colors by Stephen Wallack I would have to say, is the best work from the artist thus far, his sensitivity, and emotional creations, are all here to enjoy on this ten piece collection of wonderful solo piano, and Wallack’s freshness and heartfelt honesty will win over new fans and old to this brand new album; creative, artistic and emotionally palpable with every note played, a sure fire solo piano winner with ease.

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