Thursday, December 16, 2021

Quiet Beauty By Diane Wheeler Dunn


Quiet Beauty


Diane Wheeler Dunn

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It’s always good to hear new names to you, heading your way in the business of music, and in the genre of flute, a style where my own wife is an active participant. Now before us as the year draws to an end, is a wonderful new album called Quiet Beauty by Diane Wheeler Dunn that heads our way, and what a stunning collection of very classy compositions it is too.

From the off a pulsating percussive beat guides our way through the transcendent performance of the opening piece called Yearning, a vibrant sparkling beginning indeed.

Quiet Beauty is a thirteen track release that contains a whole plethora of gems, like this next one entitled FaerieTrippin', a moody number that manifests a wonderful mysterious energy through its crisp presentation, and then into offerings like the title track Quiet Beauty, a piece that has a hovering sense of anticipation about its performance that I adored so much, a gentle percussive beat and a delicate keyboards, it certainly manifests something very original indeed.

Diane Wheeler Dunn’s flute is utterly magical, tracks like Wintering Woodland, a song where a pristine and cold, yet crisp performance can be found, and one that also contains a blissful ambient backdrop too.

Our penultimate piece is sublime and called Flutes n Flowers, a piece that gifts us a growing hope of a new spring dawning perhaps, this is one of my personal favourites from the album, and in parts reminded me of the UK’s Nigel Shaw and his Echoes of the Forest album, deep, but nature filled and utterly idyllic.

We finish with a track full of rhythmic promise and called Sailing on a Dreamboat, this was a very crafted and classy way to leave the album, percussion and keyboards gift a meditative intent, and the magical flute of the artist guides the way through this concluding offering.

Quiet Beauty by Diane Wheeler Dunn is much more than just another flute album, it is a pastiche of wonderfully balanced and beautiful compositions, ones that you would delight in listening to multiple times over. Here is an album that is fluent, artistic and quite natural, and one of the best flute albums of this style I have heard for quite some time.

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