Tuesday, June 2, 2020

In The Flow By Joseph Nimoh

In The Flow
Joseph Nimoh
Written by
Steve Sheppard

There is one musician who for the past few years has pushed onward to constantly produce absolutely classic material, his melodies have been deep and moving, and those arrangements have been as sweet as summer rain. That musician of quality is none other than pianist Jospeh Nimoh and with the arrival of his latest album In The Flow, Nimoh has once more surged ahead through the vast ranks of the solo piano genre, and brought us an absolute gem of an album.

This latest offering in my view is his best work so far, and starts with one of the most passionate and heartfelt openings I have as of yet heard from the artist, and entitled In the Shadows.

Here we have an album that seems rooted in all that is good and bright, and the track Eternal Bliss carries on that theme beautifully. The title offering In The Flow is one of my personal favourite pieces from the album, a moody repose, but one that carries a lush anthem of hope within its construction, but Nimoh’s performance here was so heart felt and artistically charming.

This 10 piece album is packed with musical colour, and performances on piano that are far and above what you may have been expecting from a piano based album, like the ever determined On and On or Moving Forward. 

This is also an album with many flavours as well, a recipe of Jazz, mixed with Classical and New Age Piano can be found here in abundance, and in a way this is what makes this outstanding release truly special. Examples of this genius are the inventive My Hiding Place and the hope filled final offering Someday.

This latest compilation of great songs is Nimoh’s 8th in all, and with each and every one the artist has grown into a superb musician who is without doubt fully In the Flow. The narrative and characterization of each piece is not only fascinating but totally additive to dive into. Nimoh brings such a radiance of depth and colour into his work, and those two traits alone make this an absolutely recommended release to purchase at all costs, trust me, your musical heart will love you forever.

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