Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Becoming By Bernward Koch

Bernward Koch
Written by
Steve Sheppard

Bernward Koch has been one of my personal favourite new age performers for years now, ever since I heard the utter delightful tones of Walking Through Clouds back in 2005, but now 15 years later it is a total pleasure to review this latest release Becoming by the artist.

The German composer has been bringing us tranquillity in tone since 1989, and over those years has honed his skills and talents to bring us peace filled musical narratives. That is exactly what you will find on this superb new album, like the soothing A Magical Dream, or the calming refrains of Lavender Fields.

You can always guarantee that when you purchase a Bernward Koch album, you will get wall to wall serenity and an ocean of bliss to bathe within, just listen to the tracks Mysterious Afterglow and A Swan Dream, these are but two fine examples of music that lifts the heart and soul, and at all times paints such a beautiful tapestry of music to hang on to with every willing desire to be at peace.

Koch’s abilities on keyboards are well known, but I’m sure he still improves with each passing album; Becoming as a release has layered textures as you will have never heard before, along with a veritable bed of tone to rest within, like the tracks September Impressions which is reflective, but over flowing with positivity, and the title offering of course Becoming, a piece so tender and loving to be a part of.

Bernward Koch is an artist that time after time offers up quality new age music, to bring you the listener a sanctuary of tranquillity to float within. A go to artist, a painter of tone and texture, and a musician who clearly is in touch with his musical muse, all this makes Becoming an album so very, very easy to recommend.

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