Monday, May 18, 2020

Dawn Contemplation By Lisa Swerdlow

Dawn Contemplation
Lisa Swerdlow
Written by
Steve Sheppard

I have seen many sunrises across many parts of the world, and each time I do, I give gratitude for being able to receive such a beautiful sight again. Dawn Contemplation is as close to the soundtrack you can get for those halcyon moments of divine inspiration of mine.

Its beginning is soft and delicate, but as the sun gains power and intensity a wonderful sense of fulfilment can be found from the multi instrumental nature of the composition. In my view this has to be one of the best performances on piano I have heard from Swerdlow, so when you add in the crescendos, the strings and orchestration, you have a sure fire winner of a single.

A special mention should also go to Doug Hammer, who orchestrated the album for Lisa.

A fine example of a mixture of classical and movie soundtrack elements can be found here, on what has to be Lisa Swerdlow’s best work thus far.

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