Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Beyond the Airwaves Vol 3 By David Wright

Beyond the Airwaves Vol 3
David Wright
Written by
Steve Sheppard

I don’t think that I have personally played a David Wright album as much this century as I have Beyond the Airwaves Volume 3, it features on many of my shows and playlists, simply because it is in my view one of the most stand out albums Wright has created for quite some time.

I’m not the only one who says this, during my plays I have had friends and neighbours ask me who this is, I have had listeners rooted to the spot enjoying this extremely classy musical narrative, created by one of the founders of modern day electronic music.

The whole journey may be just three tracks, but each of the three pieces has its own unique musical perspective, there is the lush and empowering adventure of Castlerigg, whose hallowed halls take us on a sojourn of plenty that has references to Code Indigo, and even at times Pink Floyd built into the weave. The purposeful build and progression within this offering alone is simply outstanding.

Then the middle track entitled Citadel, this could be classified with ease as a masterful work of art, one that takes the listeners by the hand, guides them through a multi-dimensional universe of EM and never let’s go. The synths here are a pleasure to bathe in, and this perambulation of tone and timbre is utterly fascinating at every twist and turn of the composition. The elevation of intent on this piece is amazing and as one approaches the 10 minute mark, this constant manifestation of a crafted performance is once more something to behold, by the time the arrangement has concluded, you will not even notice that over 30 minutes has passed.

The final doorway of musical genius comes in the guise of our parting track entitled The Presence of Motion. Here you will find a composition of galactic proportions, the space ethic and the drifting synths paint us a weave of a slow but gentle onward movement in the early stages of the opus, even though the tempo and intent is increased during the song, the ambience of the moment of is never lost, and thus this would have been a superb inclusion for a film soundtrack to a movie akin to Bladerunner.

Beyond the Airwaves Volume 3 by David Wright is an album I have utter respect for; while there may be just three tracks on the release, the sheer quality of the musical journey is of the highest possible, and in my view is Wright at his very best. Beyond the Airwaves Volume 3 by David Wright is a land mark release; it is everything you would expect from the master and more, and a very easy album to recommend to anyone who adores really good music, or one who has a passion for long crafted skilful soundscapes, of undeniably great electronic music.

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