Friday, March 5, 2021

The Infinite Between Us By Josefine & Trine Opsahl


The Infinite Between Us


Josefine & Trine Opsahl

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The combination of harp and cello has never been felt with such deep passion as on this latest creation by mother and daughter act Josefine & Trine Opsahl, on their latest manifestation The Infinite Between Us.

From the very first composition we are treated to one of the most gentle and caring releases of the year with the opening piece Lightly Dance into the Morning, this is a true acoustic reverie of waking to a blessed and beautiful new day, one manifested wonderfully by the pairing.

This 12 track release is packed with offerings that simply thrill the imaginations of the ever eager listener; one of my personal favourites would be The Journey and the Dream. This timeless wonderment struck many an emotive chord for me, and brought back many dreams of happy days in nature with my father and grandfather, the power of music is such a powerful medium.

The symbiotic performances on this release are utterly translucent and totally captivating, and tracks like Close your Eyes and Fall in Love, make you feel simply grateful to be alive, this warm and unconditionally caring manifestation was so deeply beautiful, the movement of both cello and harp create such a sensitive refrain for us all to enjoy.

Even the mysterious energies of song writing are explored through the piece Eternity in a Song, this fairy like opus is akin to stepping into a whole new natural realm and feeling the warmth and safety of its surroundings, it is tracks like this, that emphasise the utter genius of symbiosis of a musical partnership here.

The Infinite Between Us by Josefine & Trine Opsahl is a work of art that transcends beauty as it pulls back the layers of perception, and allows us to swim within the waters of some of the most beautiful acoustic music I have heard for many years. The Infinite Between Us by Josefine & Trine Opsahl is exactly what truly good instrumental music should be all about.

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