Monday, March 22, 2021

Slow Motion By Thierry David


Slow Motion


Thierry David

Written by

Steve Sheppard


There is nothing quite like exploring the depths of a new electronic ambient album to start my week, and thanks to artist Thierry David I was able to do just that, I hadn’t heard from Thierry since the release of Hypnosis way back in 2014, so it was extremely pleasing to find his latest release Slow Motion sitting on my desktop to review.

This marvellous work of art starts with a gentle and flowing offering entitled Convolutions, the softness of the synths here manifested a beautiful layered experience for me, one that I always really need on a Monday morning, and the ambiance of this piece alone would set me up for the day.

We now slip into the stream of the longest offering of the album at well over nine minutes and called Wild Hope. This moment of idyllic keyboards manifested a creative and artistic narrative to enjoy, the sublime soothing onward journey through the tones of this crafted offering, were akin to floating on clouds and warm thermals, a truly serene experience indeed.

The title track is up next and of course we are now at the portal entitled Slow Motion.  The title header is the artist’s moment to express an overview of the entire concept of the album, and Slow Motion continues to show to us the tranquillity of the moment through the calmness of creation, via the skill set of the amazing Thierry David.

We can now take one tentative footfall into the second half of the album and as we do so we arrive at the doorway of a track entitled Diamond Drops. This piece is slightly deceptive, in as much as it has a certain rhythm that highlights the way, and because of that light and carefully created beat, delivers us a sumptuous sense of a continual onward movement with the refrains of the music, and one that simply sparkles with the cadence of the day.

We can now edge delicately into the arms of the most chilled piece on the release, it is entitled Divine Spark, the combination of a charming and almost sensual rhythm here was simply idyllic, a track that really conjured up many images of sights of great beauty I have seen in my life. The musical weave here was amazing, the more I listened, the more I felt completely in harmony with the moment, it is a serene, but beautifully fluent offering.

Our penultimate piece is called Dazzling Blue, this last but one opus manifests a moment when the music caresses the senses, this is an art form that must be cherished, and I can gaze out of my upstairs widow and peer down at the Mediterranean, and by its symbiotic nature the music seems to dance with the lapis oceanic view in front of me.

Our final arrangement is entitled Weightless Keys, this masterful composition is simply the most perfect conclusion to a fantastic album, its warm major and minor chords express a feather life performance from the artist, in what is the most emotive piece from the release and a heartfelt ending opus it is to finish with.

The wait has been totally worth it, Slow Motion by Thierry David has to be the most relaxing and chilled album I have heard this year so far. One must applaud the artist for manifesting an album which brings forth such peace and tranquillity, through a simply idyllic performance on each and every track in this seven piece collection. If you’re looking for a sanctuary away from the stresses and strains of the day, then Slow Motion by Thierry David must be your next port of call.

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