Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Immortal (2020) By Matias Bacoñsky

The Immortal (2020)
Matias Bacoñsky
Written by
Steve Sheppard

Matias Bacoñsky is back with a new single, and the artist is in his usual powerful and dramatic mode too, the sheer intensity within a Bacoñsky production is something to stand and admire in awe.

The almost cinematic presentation of The Immortal (2020) sees some of the most cultured piano you will have likely heard for quite some time, and all to a simply delightful symphonic back drop as well.

The fascinating juxtaposition of crescendo and tempo within this composition is utterly compelling; The Immortal (2020) has to be one of the most commanding performances given by the artist so far, and one of the most astute too, with soft and gentle segments, followed by passionate and potent elements, this is without doubt a full flowing and undeniable work of art. 

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