Thursday, April 30, 2020

Floating Lakes By Eric Chapelle

Floating Lakes
Eric Chapelle
Written by
Steve Sheppard

It is so good to find the music of Eric Chapelle on my player again, the pianist popped up on social media just about a week ago to promote his latest single, and I was extremely eager to listen to what this creation would bring me, I was not to be disappointed, Floating Lakes as simply heavenly.

Chapelle has captured the magic of the moment quite beautifully, his piano as always is textured and calming, and the light instrumentational symphonic gestures are utter delectable.

I have now listened to this single 3 times in a row and its ambience never ceases to amaze me, it is as if the clouds have met the sea and the tranquillity of nature has bound them together to manifest something so very transcendent. Chapelle should be commended for bringing something this beautiful into the world;  here is as single that gets a huge recommendation from me.

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