Sunday, April 12, 2020

It's Time - For a Sustainable World By Freja Eriksen

It's Time - For a Sustainable World
Freja Eriksen
Written by
Steve Sheppard

The lyrics within this incredible song are now more relevant now than ever before, it’s 2020 and our planet has just kicked our behinds with one of the hardest reminders of just who is the boss.

This beautifully poignant song by Eriksen should now be the world anthem as a constant reminder to turn our fear into love. This is one of those songs that need to be played on repeat across the planet, until everyone can unite behind its enlightenment and heartfelt lyrics, and make the changes we must make.

A sublime performance by Freja Eriksen, one with such a delightful array of instrumentation and production quality, this on its own would be an outstanding single, given the global circumstances we all find ourselves in, this is a moment of very timely genius, full marks Freja Eriksen, now let’s love the world, like it’s our best friend!

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