Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Everyday Miracles By Julie Hanney


Everyday Miracles


Julie Hanney

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Listening to a Julie Hanney album is like listening to an audio books soundtrack, every composition is a storybook unto itself, and each arrangement has a depth in colour and textures that others seem to fail to reach, the new tales of wonder in this brand new album by the artist is called Everyday Miracles, and is a truism of real life and the appreciation of it.

From the very first composition the listener is captured and willingly led by the hand into a wonderland where Alice is not the only happy listener, the encounter with Taking Flight is a gentle warm welcome to this latest project, and the careful progression by the pianist on this arrangement is sublime.

There are 14 delicious tracks on this fantastic new release, ones that include warm renditions like the happy refrains of Coming Home, a song set for wonderful lyrics, or the clever and carefully worked genius of The Fibonacci Sequence. The sequence follows the rule that each number is equal to the sum of the preceding two numbers, a crafted piece indeed.

This is an album that is packed with blissful compositions and wonderfully warm performances, like Ancient Winds, an aged but respectful song that floats on the winds of evermore, or Synchronicity, a truly important track that illustrates all those supposed coincidences that happen around us each day, but many fail to recognise even a single one.

This is a simple album based on a simple subject, and circling us with each moment of our life, are every day miracles like the caress of a butterflies wings, the delicate dance of a dragonfly, or the tender kiss of a loved one, or perhaps a Longing for some heart felt moment that has yet to occur, this piece is utterly beautiful and deeply moving, Longing itself is a heartfelt opus of pure loving honesty.

Julie’s artistic crafted brilliance will then conclude the release with a deeply attractive offering called Birdsong, a sound, a choir of natural beauty we hear each day if we care to listen. This final offering is quite complex and offers up a finishing solo piano presentation that has elements of both the New Age and contemporary instrumental genres within the weave of the composition, and of course is a smart way indeed to finish the album.

Everyday Miracles by Julie Hanney is with ease the artist best work to date, she has manifested into reality 14 tracks of complete colour and texture, then layered each of them with sumptuous levels of serenity, and tranquillity, and within each song a tale of simplicity can be told. Hanney has been likened to other artists in her time, but I firmly believe that she has now absolutely arrived on her own stage, and performs to her own tune, and Everyday Miracles is the creation that heralds her arrival as solo piano A-lister in her own right.

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