Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Shapes Vol 2 By Marcello Liverani


Shapes Vol 2


Marcello Liverani

Written by

Steve Sheppard


The unique qualities of a musician can usually be felt and heard within the first few bars of a composition, and with this new release by Marcello Liverani entitled Shapes Vol 2, this is a wonderfully accurate statement to make. These special tones that go into making this truly splendid album are very unique indeed.

Losing Gravity (Lo- Fi Piano Tapes) is a fine start, almost a cross between ambient music mixed with a slight minimalism built into the weave, and then an impressive build and progression leads us onward; this is one of those pieces that several listens will be required to enjoy every single nuance of the arrangement.

On Birdhouse there is a wonderful effervescent opening that literally flies right at you, and all around you. The keyboards and the electronic energies of this piece were filled with a mood of anticipation and creativity, the progression towards the conclusion at the three quarter mark is deeply impressive, and thoroughly listenable.

The longest track off the album is called Approaching Light, this would be one of my personal favourites off the release, the light but encapsulating keyboards manifested a many faceted construct to the piece, and one was literally flowing with the arrangement to see where it would go too next. The very gentle escalation and the added ethereal vocalisations, made this for me easily the best track off the album, and one of the best mood creating offerings I have heard in any genre for quite a time.

The gentle piano skills on Close (Lo fi Piano tapes) are up next, and Marcello Liverani gifts us a truly reflective composition of deep reflection and memory. The performance here is similar to U.S. ambient pianist Michael Harrison in tone, and its cleverness allows the listener to draw their own imaginative narrative along the way.

The Breathless Crowd is our penultimate offering and delivers to our musical door another offering that builds as gently as it goes, the main piano segment is the chief narrator, and all around the central theme, this backdrop of a film styled sound track weaves is ever addictive spell, a fine opus to enjoy indeed.

Our final doorway to the conclusion of the album is the piece This Endless Pain, a well of sadness can be dived into deeply here, as the mood set from the very beginning is very poignant and emotionally powerful. The piano and keyboards of Marcello Liverani are masterful here on manifesting a final ending offering that is so emotive and reflective.

Shapes Vol 2 by Marcello Liverani has to be one of the most listenable ambient creations on keyboards and piano I have had to the pleasure of listening to for quite some time. Liverani’s skill set at manifesting moving constructs of extremely artistic contemporary instrumental music is simply amazing, and this timeless compilation of excellent arrangements will live on forever in the hearts and minds of those who love really superb music.

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