Monday, February 8, 2021

Hey Ya By The Chants


Hey Ya


The Chants

Written by

Steve Sheppard


Hey Ya is truly a powerful and vibrant way to start off the new working week, I listened to this on a Monday morning, and it set me up perfectly for the week. The rhythm and intensity of percussion on this global vibe of a single is simply irrepressible.

This singles message is simple, a unified world, and The Chants will lead the global party, after all, we are all related are we not? The resulting composition is a veritable dance-off across the planet, with a track that has a wonderful combination of colours and textures, in a tapestry of a symbiotic vibrancy as never seen before.

Hats off to The Chants for this very timely crossing cultures release, and they are.

Jamie Papish, Percussion & Vocals, Kevin Fraser, Vocals & Percussion, Dawn Marie Yurkovic, Vocals & Percussion, Renette Jobst, Vocals & Percussion, Uyanga Bold featured Vocalist and Jai Jones Guest Vocalist. These are the architects of something truly special, and a brand new anthem for a brand new world.

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