Thursday, June 8, 2023

Healing Journey By Zen Music Planet & Shere Fraser


Healing Journey


Zen Music Planet & Shere Fraser

Written by

Steve Sheppard


It is so good to hear the comeback of truly good new age music, this brand new offering from Zen Music Planet & Shere Fraser entitled Healing Journey is spectacular and transcendent, this new single is a soft pastiche of wonderful meditative music, that will ease you in or out of any stressful day.

Healing Journey is a wonderful place to be musically, this new single promotes wellbeing and calm, two facets of life we should all embrace completely. The soothing back drop of synths and sounds deliver a bed of tranquillity with which to float on, while Shere Fraser on flute brings a whole new dimension to the proceedings.

I adore music like this; it reminds me of the golden age of new age music and artists like Deuter and Terry Oldfield, but here the team of Zen Music Planet & Shere Fraser have manifested a somewhat warmer palette to enjoy, one filled with glorious textures in a tapestry of serenity; this is one piece of music that everyone should have in their meditative collections.

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